Saturday, March 31, 2012

Weekly Weigh-in Update: Another Pound and a Half Lost!

Forgot to post yesterday, but my scale went down another pound and a half; that's a total of 23.5 pounds lost! I hit the original goal I had set for myself, but I see no reason to stop now, so I lowered my weight goal and plan to stay on this weight loss track.  It's steady and getting me where I want to go without appetite suppressants, crazy gimmicks or fad diets!

My clothes are fitting better, and my attitude is great! Thank you Weight Watchers!


  1. Jan, I am so "re-inspired" by you!! I found you whenI was searching for info about MediWeight Loss Clinics. I have been on WW for a couple of years, but became complacent with my tracking when I went back to work full time last October. I thought the weight loss clinic might be a "quick" jump re-start, but after reading your blog posts I now want to re-invest myself with WW. I do love it, I just got a little bored. I decided to change my meeting time with a new leader that I really like a lot! Now, I just need to get myself back to tracking and most importantly, moving more!!! Not going to let "too tired" be my excuse bacause I know that I am tired because I am not eating right or moving enough. Thanks for all the time you pour into your is really a huge help!! :)
    Carol in Richmond, VA

  2. Hi Carol! I'm so happy this blog has re-inspired you! My computer has been in repair for a few weeks so stay tuned because I will be posting again soon! Using my iPod tonight. Stay on are worth it!