Thursday, March 8, 2012

Crockpot Broccoli Cheese Soup for Weight Watchers

I'm guessing all Weight Watchers have incorporated soup into their daily diets. Filling up on meals with a low point value keeps us all on track!

I adapted my Crockpot Potato Soup to create its close cousin... in which Broccoli is the star ingredient.  It's creamy with minimal fat, filling and good for you. The best part is it's only 3 points per 1 cup serving! If you like broccoli, you'll love it!

Makes 10 - 1 cup servings
WW Pts+: 3 per serving


14 oz. bag of frozen broccoli florets
1 small onion, chopped
3 cups water
3 cubes or teaspoons of chicken bouillon
1 can Campbell's Cheddar Cheese Soup (Healthy Request)
8 Oz. package Neufchatel cream cheese
1 cup skim milk
Salt and pepper to taste


  • Place broccoli and chopped onions into crock pot
  • Heat water. When hot, add bouillon and mix to create broth
  • Pour hot broth over broccoli and onions in crock pot.
  • Add soup, 1/2 teas salt and a few shakes of black pepper
  • Cook on high for and hour and a half or until onions are cooked.
  • Turn heat to low and add cream cheese. Cook another half hour until cheese has melted, stirring occasionally
  • Add milk and stir into soup mixture.
  • Cook an additional 10-15 minutes until heated through.
Tip: You can use 2 cans of chicken broth in place of the bouillon if preferred.  Adjust salt accordingly as the bouillon is usually saltier than the broth. Also, I found some of the broccoli florets a little too big for a soup spoon, so after the soup had cooked 1/2 hour I spooned out the larger florets and cut into smaller pieces.


  1. So good! ~ why does it calculate 3 p+ in the recipe builder?

    1. that is for weight watchers points.

  2. Sorry....there was a typo in the body of the post...I corrected the points to match my heading. Enjoy!...It's soup season!

  3. Does this freeze well? I would love to make this but only one of me. seems like a lot to make for one person.

  4. What is the fat, carbs, fibre and protien?

  5. This was so GOOD and a great alternative to the full fat version! I did make it on the stovetop and it came out great. I chopped the thawed broccoli first and then cooked according to directions. I do like a stronger cheddar flavor so I sprinkled a little 2% sharp cheddar on top of my serving. Very low calories for such a creamy soup.

  6. I believe this is 4 smart points per serving

  7. Excellent . Did the crockpot as the recipe reads came out delish! Used an emersion blender after the cream cheese melted and added chopped broccoli when I added the milk for texture since I blended all the broccoli chunks!