How I Found My Way to Weight Watchers

Me after losing weight on Medi-Weightloss. 

I've never been skinny... skinnier, yes.....but not skinny. In fact I probably never will be. However, that hasn't stopped me from pursuing the svelte body I've always wished for.

For many years, I was such a busy person with work, kids and dating, I found keeping my weight in a normal range much easier. When I'd gain five pounds, I'd count my calories and double up at the gym and woosh the pounds were gone.

But as the years went by, the number on my scale went up slowly. I knew it was a part of aging...more wrinkles, less agility and a few bulges...all of it, well, normal. I didn't like any of it, but I decided I would try to grow old gracefully! However, once I'd hit menopause, things really went South for me, literally, and I found myself at an unhealthy weight and depressed about it.

For the past ten years I've fought my weight gain by different methods.  I've counted calories, fat or carbs. I paid over a grand for the Medi-Weightloss Program which did work (the picture on this page is after losing 45 pounds on that diet) only to gain back 25 of the 45 pounds I'd lost! I've committed to various fad diets like Atkins, the Cabbage Soup diet, The Zone and most recently, the 17 Day Diet. I finally decided this past January to try Weight Watchers. I don't know what took me so long, after all, Weight Watchers has been around since 1963!

Fast forward. I've lost 16 pounds during my first two months on Weight Watchers! I find everything about this weight loss plan easy and I don't feel like I'm "on a diet." I eat foods I like.  I don't dream about taboo foods.  I've gotten over wanting to lose thirty pounds in a month and have accepted a slow, steady pace back to health.

This diet junkie is now a total Weight Watchers convert, because The Weight Watchers Plus plan is no fad or quick fix. It's teaching me how to rebuild my relationship with food. I'm so happy now, because I'm in control and I feel certain I have finally found a healthy way to eat for life!


  1. Hi, I love Weight Watchers too because it's real life. I am just wondering if you always use your bonus points and how that has affected your weight loss? :)

  2. Congrats, and thank you for saving me a lot of grief!

  3. Regarding the bonus points: No, I don't always use them. I usually dip into them each week, but I found that if I used every bonus point, every week, but weight loss was too slow for me. I try to use them for special situations or when my self control is weak. Honestly, I think they are there to help us to stay on track and not get discouraged.