Friday, June 15, 2012

Weekly Weigh-in Update: Lost 2 pounds!

32.6 pounds lighter thanks to Weight Watchers!
I was a bit unsure what the scale would tell me this week.  After-all, my granddaughter had just gone home after nine days with me, while her Mom and Dad were on their Alaskan Cruise. Occasionally, I was tempted by foods she was eating and went into my bonus points almost daily.  However, I did stay within my weekly allowances so I was hopeful I hadn't gained.

Imagine my surprise when I stepped on that scale and discovered that I'd lost 2 pounds!

I should have expected it from another perspective, however. Yesterday I pulled out a dusty box of jeans that my oldest daughter had given me after losing weight a while back after her divorce. At the time, I remember looking through her 'too big' jeans, and thinking, "Right...I'll never fit into those jeans!" I couldn't even get them past my thighs!

Recently she asked me if I had tried on her old jeans yet, which I hadn't.  So yesterday I got them out, still doubting they'd fit....but they did!  One by one I held up a pair and thought, no way.....but got them over my thighs, zipped them up and admired how they fit on my slimmer body in the mirror.

A lower number on the scale is very encouraging, but fitting into those jeans did wonders for my resolve! My weight today was only 1/2 pound from goal, but I'm not done.  I lowered it another 5 pounds, and when I hit that number, I will probably lower it again.

I'm so happy! I had decided that this time I would be in no hurry to lose those unhealthy pounds but that once I did, I wanted to KEEP THEM OFF! I hoped that Weight Watchers would be the answer and I'm feeling hopeful it is! I've developed new habits and realize I can now stay in control, even during special situations.

Thank you Weight Watchers!

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