Friday, July 13, 2018

I’m back!

Well, I guess one thing most of us have in common is gaining back lost weight, which I’ve done over the past few years. I dabbled in vegan and then went to vegetarian, hoping to improve my health stats, but unexpectedly, my numbers went the wrong way, and I realized that as hard as I was trying (beans, beans, beans), I was protein deficit. I did find great recipes and actually learned to enjoy Almond and Soy milk (they last in the fridge for a LONG time) So, I plan to continue those things, but decided to add animal protein back into my diet.

My doctor said what I needed most is to lose weight, but once I decided she was right, I felt confused how to eat after totally buying into the vegetarian way.  But then I realized that I already knew what to do:  eat a balanced diet and apply The Weight Watchers principles and count points.

So, since then, I’ve already lost ten pounds and fit back into a pair of pants I didn’t last month. Also, my blood pressure has gone back to normal and my doctor is pleased with me! That’s the motivation I needed!

Expect some new thoughts and recipes this year!